Loss Prevention Inspection

“Loss Prevention Inspection as a tool to get a good overview of the actual maintenance condition of barges”

The IVR Loss Prevention Inspection was developed in 2004 on the initiative of the insurers. The purpose of this is to carry out investigations to prevent damage for the insurability of inland shipping. In view of the current market situation and the results of workshops, the insurers represented in the IVR have taken the initiative to introduce a loss prevention inspection. The IVR was charged with developing a checklist to assess the condition of a ship to be insured or insured respectively. From the first experiences of tests with a loss prevention investigation, it can be concluded that such an investigation can be regarded as an instrument for providing the insurer and the inland navigation owner with insight into the current state of maintenance of the ship.

The verification list and related survey mainly concerns engines, installations and their maintenance condition. Initial analyzes from the engine registration system (ERS) show that difficulties arise, especially in the field of maintenance. By means of a damage prevention inspection, the aim is to introduce maintenance systems on board on the basis of simple procedures, so that maintenance can be demonstrated to the insurer.

In 2021 we will adjust the verification list in view of all kinds of new developments in the market. For example, new questions have been included with regard to cyber security, the use of fuel, as well as aspects related to operational management as well as crew management and communication. Of course, questions related to engines, installations and other systems still make up a substantial part of the research.

Note: the new LPI verification list, the order form and the information leaflet are currently only published in Dutch, because of the current parties involved in LPI. We hope to expand our LPI in other languages in the future, so please inform us if you are interested in this. 













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Incentive Providers

“Incentive Providers” what are they and what do they do?

As an incentive provider, you provide an incentive premium in the form of a discount and / or service if an inland vessel meets the requirements of the Damage Prevention Examination and is in possession of a valid IVR Certificate of Damage Prevention Inspection. In this way, an Incentive Provider contributes to reliable, safe and environmentally conscious inland shipping. Something that benefits the entire sector.

Inland shipping operators in possession of an IVR Proof of Damage Prevention Inspection can demonstrate by means of a 2.5-year survey carried out by authorized IVR-SPO experts that regular and major maintenance of installations on board their vessel is guaranteed. The philosophy that the owners of inland vessels make an effort to contribute to safe and less damage-sensitive inland navigation in particular is rewarded by Incentive Providers – providing financial incentives – such as stock exchange insurers and various engine manufacturers. If a vessel has obtained a valid IVR Certificate from SPO, the stock exchange insurers will (possibly) provide a discount on the insurance premium and the Incentive Providers will provide a discount on, for example, parts, man hours, etc. The owner of the inland vessel is rewarded by applying this system. for his effort and investment. An additional factor is that the handling of damage to, for example, main and auxiliary engines and other engines is also faster and smoother, since the damage expert concerned – due to the presence of the valid Proof of SPO – knows that preventive major and minor maintenance of the installations has been fully demonstrably carried out.

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