IVR Ships Information System

An international and unique vessel database

The IVR maintains a European ship register since 1879. The online IVR Ships Information System contains data of more than 21.000 vessels all throughout Europe and is being updated and accessed on a daily basis. 

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The IVR Ships Information System provides barge owners the possibility to request a personal login code free of charge.

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Up-to-date vessel data concerning the European inland shipping fleet

In the IVR Ships Information System  the data of the inland fleet of Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland are available. The database includes a.o. modules of details of owners and operators, hull and engines.

Data delivery on specific request and tailor-made statistics

IVR also provides data on specific request and download facilities based upon the special wishes and needs of the clients. The extended set of data makes it possible to select different fields. The required data is provided in the form of an excel spreadsheet and can be used by the owner for his own purpose. In addition, IVR also delivers and publishes custom made statistics.

Always and everywhere online access to vessel data

The online IVR Ships Information System  offers users access to permanently updated information through a modern technical solution.

Data generated from
multiple sources

In addition to the original data sources IVR also receives data from barge owners. With a personal login code shipowners get access to details of their vessel(s) and are able to update their details.

NEW! IVR Emission Calculation Tool

Calculate (an indication of) emissions and gain insight into the efficiency of the vessel.