Congress Basel 2015

The IVR-congress 2015 was held on 21 and 22 May in Basel and was attended by more than 200 representatives from inland navigation, insurance, surveyors and other related branches from a large number of West, Central en Eastern European countries.

The meeting the Board of Directors took place in the morning of the first congress day.
In the afternoon a workshop dedicated to” Technical Developments in inland navigation” was organised.

Workshop Program

Proposals by the European Commission to introduce new emission standards for inland vessel engines (NRMM) and the revision of the Technical Directive as well as their effect on inland navigation.

Panel with statements by representatives of the inland navigation and insurance industry, engine manufacturers and yards


The General Assembly has been held under the presidency of Mr André Auderset on 22 May in the prermises of the Town Hall in Basel. During the General Assembly the Secretary General reported on the activities during the past year.

Theresia Hacksteiner, Secretary General, IVR

During the General Assembly the chairs of the IVR-committees reported on the activities of their Committee :
Dr. Martin Fischer, Chair Legal Committee
Ir. Carlos Maenhout, Chair Loss Prevention Committee

Before closure of the General Assembly, The Vice-President, Mr. Klaus Weber, Mund u & Fester GmbH&Co KG, Hamburg announced that the IVR-Congress 2016 will be held on 12 and 13May in Basel.