Workshop Würzburg 2017

Workshop New Emission Standards (NRMM) and Container weights and contents

Part I Workshop
Subsequently a panel of competent speakers, led by moderator Lucia Luijten, Head of Inland Waterways Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment in The Hague, discussed the consequences and challenges for the sector in connection with the new emission standards for i.a. marine engines as a result of  the new NRMM Regulation.

Ms Luijten opened the first part of the workshop with her presentation ‘Innovation of IWT and challenges regarding new emission standards’. Philipp Troppmann, representing the EC’s Directorate-General for Internal Market and Industry, introduced the expectations, misunderstandings and uncertainties in practice as a result of the new emission requirements with his presentation ‘Non-Road Mobile Machinery’. After Marta Wolska, representing EC’s DG Move clarified the implementation of the new standards within CESNI.

The first part of the workshop was concluded by a panel discussion. Khalid Tachi, Director EICB and Jan Vogelaar, Adj. Director CBRB and Environment Coordinator EBU, took the lead and presented a number of relevant but also critical points, followed by a discussion round between the panel and the attendants on the pros and the cons of the new standards.

Part 2 Workshop
After a short network break, President Klaus Weber moderated part 2 of the workshop on how to protect the inland carrier from unknown hazards and container weights and container contents. Torbjorn Claesson of the Standard Club Europe presented, on the basis of known incidents, what could go wrong if the content of containers is incorrect or is not shown correctly. Dr. Johannes Trost, lawyer at LEBUHN & PUCHTA and member of the IVR Legal Committee, dedicated his presentation to security, liability and risk assurance in this area.

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