Technical Leaflet – Engine Registration System (ERS)

If a crankshaft breaks once it is an incident, a second time is a coincidence, but a third time can be a structural failure. Individual loss adjustors conduct investigations without knowing that the crankshaft failure they are inspecting is actually the third. The idea behind ERS is to find the third time.

Together with insurers, IVR has developed the Engine Registration System (ERS) in which the details of an engine damage and the (underlying) cause are recorded in a database. Based on the statistics that are retrieved from this system, IVR can contact the manufacturers to report possible structural failure in certain engine types.

This form of damage prevention has already led to more communication about maintenance, modifications to engines and in some cases financial compensation from the manufacturer and, of course, communication about this to customers.

Curious about what ERS can do for you? Click on the leaflet below for more information.

IVR Technical Leaflet – ERS – EN