Steering Engine Inspection

Within the framework of the damage/loss prevention inspection also the steering engine is inspected annually, after which a steering engine certificate is issued. A steering engine certificate fulfils the requirement of a triennial steering engine inspection prescribed by law.

Within the framework of the steering engine inspection prescribed by law (ROSR)

As from 1 April 2007 the government requires a triennial steering engine inspection. Together with steering engine manufacturers a quality system for carrying out these inspections was developed. It includes a verification list in aid of carrying out the inspections, quality criteria for the steering engine inspectors, various procedures and an annual independent audit of the inspecting steering engine manufacturer by IVR.

The added value of this system is that the quality of the inspections is assured and that an independent organisation supervises. IVR checks the inspection reports that are sent in, stores them in a database and issues the Steering Engine Certificate.